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Wildtier Kratts: Ur Blue and Green World

♪ “Wildtier Kratts” ♪ Martin: (off screen) In the vastness of space, in the Milky Way galaxy, in a solar system revolving around a sun, there is a planet named Earth.

A planet that is known for its blue water (waves crashing) and green forests.

Wild Kratts Coloring Pages Printable for Free Download
Wildtier Kratts Coloring Pages Printable for Free Download

It’s a living world where plants support all kinds of amazing animal life.

We’re here on planet Earth!

Chris: It’s us, the Kratt Brothers!

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Wildtier Kratts Coloring Pages – Free Printable – MomJunction

I’m Chris.

Martin: I’m Martin.

Chris: Green plants are key to life on Earth.

Wild Kratts Coloring Pages - Coloring Pages For Kids And Adults
Wildtier Kratts Coloring Pages – Coloring Pages For Kids And Adults

Plants create food to eat and air to breath.

Almost all animals depend on plants.

Martin: Kosmos animals ergo need water, water to drink, and water to live in.

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Wildtier Kratts Coloring Pages (Free Portable Document Format Printables)

And that’s where you’ll find all kinds of fish.

The incredible dolphins, octopus too and of course, one of the most amazing groups of animals who live out here in the big blue are the whales.

Chris: And that is who we’re looking for.

Wild Kratts Coloring Pages (% Free Printables)
Wildtier Kratts Coloring Pages (% Free Printables)

♪ (upbeat music) ♪ ♪ There’s one!

Martin: Awesome!

Chris: A humpback whale.

Martin: Two!

A mother and calf.

The calf’s as big as a car.

Mom’s the size of a school bus!

They are awesome!

Living in the big blue.

Chris: It would be so cool if we had the amazing abilities of the Earth’s biggest creature.

Martin: Imagine if we had whale power.

Martin/Chris: What if?

♪ ♪ (show theme song) ♪ Voice: ♪ On adventure with the coolest creatures ♪ ♪ From the oceans to the trees ♪ ♪ The Brothers Kratt are going places ♪ ♪ you never get to see.

♪ ♪ Hanging with their creature friends ♪ ♪ Get ready it’s the hour ♪ ♪ We’re gonna save some animals today with ♪ ♪ Creature Power!

♪ ♪ Gonna go wild with Wildtier Kratts gonna go ♪ ♪ wild wild Wildtier Kratts ♪ ♪ Wildtier Kratts ♪ ♪ Gonna go wild with Wildtier Kratts ♪ ♪ gonna go wild wild Wildtier ♪ ♪ Cheetah speed and lizard glide ♪ ♪ Falcon flight and lion pride ♪ ♪ Gonna go wild with Wildtier Kratts ♪ ♪ Gonna go wild wild Wildtier Kratts Wildtier Kratts!

♪ ♪ Gonna go wild with Wildtier Kratts ♪ ♪ Gonna go wild wild Wildtier Kratts ♪ ♪ Go wild wild Wildtier Kratts!

♪ Martin: Ur Blue and Green World ♪ (loud rumble) Aviva: Hmmm… (loud rumble) Uh oh, what’s that?

(loud rumbling) Jimmy Z: Whoaa, oh!

Is something wrong with the Tortuga?

Aviva: Uaaah-ueeh!

Koki: Whoa!

That does not sound good.

Aviva: Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Koki: I think so, but hope not.

♪ (loud rumble) Oh no!

Aviva: It’s what we feared!

Jimmy Z: It’s… Aviva/Koki/Jimmy Z: …laundry day!

Koki: That’s a LOT of blue and green shirts.

Chris: Kosmos your blues are all mixed together with my greens!

Martin: So…?

Chris: I told you we should’ve done our laundry separately.

Now they’re all mixed together.

Martin: So, big whooping crane!

We’ll just put the pile over here in the corner.


And whenever we need a clean shirt, just grab one.

I’ll pull a blue.

You grab a green.

(chuckles) Chris: No way!

We have to separate and fold.

Right, Target?

(thwap)…(munch) Kosmos the greeeens go here.

Martin: I don’t get it.

Why bother?

Chris: Think of it like this.

Here is the green forest, and there is the blue ocean.


Martin: Oh yeah, that works, because blue oceans are better than green forests.

Chris: What?!


That’s not what I welches saying!

What’re you talking about?

Koki: Uh-oh!

This is the only time I ever see the brothers fight.

Jimmy Z: Yeah…laundry day.

Martin: Come on.

You’re just jealous.

Blue is better!

Chris: Green is greater!

♪ Martin: ♪ I am boosting blue in a big blue world ♪ Chris: ♪ I agree with green, it’s a great, green world ♪ Martin: ♪ I want blue, blue, blue like the ocean ♪ ♪ swimming with the blobby walrus ♪ Chris: ♪ I want green, green, ♪ ♪ green like a forest ♪ ♪ climbing with tree monkeys is my favourite scene.

♪ Martin: ♪ Swimming with blue mako ♪ Chris: ♪ Gliding with green draco ♪ Martin: ♪ I want blue, blue!

♪ Chris: ♪ I want green, green, green!

♪ Martin: ♪ Blue is better and its wetter ♪ Chris: ♪ Green is greater, see ya’ later ♪ Martin: ♪ It’s a blue ♪ Chris: ♪ It’s a green ♪ Martin/Chris: ♪ World!

♪ Chris: Ugh!


Aviva: Guys!

It doesn’t have to be blue OR green.

What about blue AND Green?

Like this…

The peacock!


♪ Oh!

Those bros should know, blues and greens are both important, to make the peacock attractive, and blues and greens work together to make the living Earth!

Jimmy Z: Hey, I wonder where the bro’s went?

Aviva: We have to find them and remind them how they, the Kratt Brothers, are best when they work together.

Jimmy Z: Whoa.

Say, what did I ever do to you?

Koki: Tümpel?

Blue bro and green brother working together.

Jimmy Z: To the creature rescue.

Aviva: Living free and the wild.

Aviva: Kohlenstoff’mon.

First step!

Remind Chris and Martin of how the blues and greens in nature are both important, working together to support life on Earth.

♪ Koki: Kosmos right, where are they?

Let’s see if we can find them.

Found Martin.


Come in Bluefish.

This is Tortuga.

Martin: I hear you Tortuga.

Koki: Martin, I mean Bluefish, what’s your twenty?

Martin: Blue dolphin, you mean.

I’ve activated a marine mammal power.

Not a fish, a mammal.

♪ Swimming with Dolphins!

(splash) Wahoo!

In the big blue ocean!

Did you know that 75% of the Earth’s surface is covered by water?


Right away that tells you that… Blue is better!


In fact, that’s why… the Earth looks blue from outer space.

The bluuuue planeeeet!

(loud splash!)

Koki: Hmm.

It does look blue from outer space!

Jimmy Z: Why?

Koki: Not sure, let’s build a model of the Earth to find out.

Aviva: Alright, that’s a great idea.

Koki: So, what makes the Earth blue from outer space?

Aviva: I think Martin’s right on this one.

Kosmos the water makes Earth appear blue.

Koki: Without water, the Earth looks like this.

Aviva: But, if you add water… Koki/Jimmy Z: Wow… Jimmy Z: A big blue paradise.

Aviva: Without water life couldn’t exist.

Jimmy Z: But what protects all the water and life on Earth?

Koki: The ozone layer!

It’s a special layer in the atmosphere that protects us from harmful things.

Like ultraviolet light from the sun.

It acts like a barrier.

Jimmy Z: Oh, so the ozone layer and atmosphere protect us, kind of like the shields in my video games.

Aviva: Yes!

And, as far as we know, Earth is the only planet, where life as we know it can survive.

Chris: Hey guys!

Talk about life… Koki: There’s Chris!

Chris, can you hear us?

Chris: Loud and clear.

Koki: Where are you?

Chris: I am cruising along the equator.

Jimmy Z: Equator?

Koki: Yes, an imaginary line along the middle of the Earth separating the northern half and the southern half.

Aviva: That’s right.

It’s hot and wet there all-year-round.

Chris: Where green forests ring the planet.

Most of the life on Earth are plants and plants are green.

GREEN is the greatest!

Martin: Bluuuuue is betteeeeeerrr!

Chris: Green is greaterrrrr!

Martin: Bluuuuuueeee!

Chris: Greeeeennn!

Jimmy Z: Do you really think we can accomplish our mission of getting the Kratt bros back to working together?

Aviva: Umm…yes?

Martin: Bluuuuuuuuue… (splash) Chris: Greeeeeeeeeeeen… Martin: Bluuuuuuuuuue… (splash) Zach: I’m the Inventor of the wooooorld!!

Martin: Bluuuuue… (splash) Zach: Aaaahhh!

It’s Martin.

They’re spying on us.


Why are you hovering there?


Paisley, I told you the Wildtier Kratts would try to stop us.

Martin is pretending to be a fish!!


Martin: Bluuuue… (splash) Paisley: Zach, I don’t put a lot of energy into learning animals.

But I know that a dolphin is a mammal, not a fish.

Besides he didn’t even see us.

Now back to business.

That business being to build the biggest and best tropical beach-front resort.

Zach: Staffing to be provided by my legion of Zachbots.

Paisley: Hmm, we need one, a great beach, and two, tropical forest next to each other and of course, flatten it!

The question is…”Where?”

Zach: Yeah!

Let’s find a rainforest to cut down!

♪ (buzzing sound) Koki: Chris, where did you go?

Chris: I’m just north of the equator preparing to drop into a Central American rainforest.

Chris: Hi, Grabsy.

Gotta love the rainforest.

Breathe it in.

(inhales/exhales) Aviva: Yes, forests give us the oxygen we breathe.

The rainforests create oxygen, giving animal life, including us.

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(inhales) Oxygen in the air for us to breathe.

Plants and soil keep carbon locked up.

So, it doesn’t heat up our atmosphere too much.

Koki: It’s not just rainforest.

Kosmos the forests of Earth produce oxygen for this cycle.

They ergo take in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen, which animals breathe in and then breathe out carbon dioxide.

Like squirrels and oak trees in the Northern woodlands.

Aviva: Or giant pandas and bamboo in Volksrepublik China.

Jimmy Z: And don’t forget about grasslands.

Koki: Exactly, Jimmy.

Jimmy Z: Bison breathe out Kohlenstoffdioxid, grasses take it in and release O2 for the animals to breathe.

Aviva: Plants and animals work together to create our atmosphere, our air.

And we need that atmosphere to breath oxygen.

Aviva/Koki/Jimmy Z: (deep inhale) (long exhale) Ahhhh!

Chris: That’s true!

Aviva: So why don’t you and Martin work together like them?

Chris: But green is so great.

And the rainforests are full of creatures who we love!

The rainforests are home to more species than any other place on land!

Oh wow, I don’t believe it.

The resplendent quetzal.

Aviva/Koki: Ooooohhhh!

The resplendent quetzal.

Jimmy Z: Huh?


What’s resplendent?

Koki: Superbenzin beautiful and colorful.

Aviva/Koki/Jimmy Z: Oooh, resplendent!

Jimmy Z: And that’s a fact.

Chris: One of the longest tail feathers in the bird world.

They eat wild avocados.

Hey, wait up!

And they need old hollow trees to nest in.

They feed their babies little wild – green – avocados.

Without green trees, this Resplendent Quetzal disappears from existence.

Aviva: It’s raining!

Kosmos of these plants and animals need water, right?

Chris: Right.

Aviva: But how does that water get up into the sky in the first place?

Jimmy Z: Uh.. eh, I don’t know.

Aviva: It begins in the ocean, where Martin is.

Martin: That’s a nice green bird, I gotta admit, but I am looking for the biggest… Aviva: Uh… Martin?

Martin: Bluest beastie… on our big blue planet… Koki: Martin!

Martin: The… Martin/Aviva/Koki/Jimmy Z: Blue whale!!!

Martin: Who-whoaaa!



Ugh…ahhh.. Uh-oh!


Blue whales are long!

Koki: As long as three school buses!

Jimmy Z: That’s really long.

Martin: Whoaa!


Phew, that welches close.

I almost got swallowed by a blue whale.

(chuckles) Wha– Huh?!

(splash) Aviva: Welches that… a baby blue whale following its mom?

Koki: Yes, Martin got swallowed by a baby blue whale!!!

Martin, can you hear us?

Martin: Yup, I’m inside a blue whale’s mouth.

Aviva: Ohhh, a very cute baby blue whale as a matter of fact.

Martin: Aha!

The baleen is confirmation.

Jimmy Z: Huh?


Martin: Yeah, blue whales don’t chew their food with teeth, they filter it, with these keratin plates called baleen.

Jimmy Z: How?

Aviva: We’re in luck, they’re about to feed!

Martin: Awesome… Uh-oh!




Aviva: A blue whale takes in a mouth full of water, then pushes it through the filter of baleen on either side of her mouth.

The food, like krill, that the whale eats, gets stopped by the baleen as whale pushes the water out of her mouth.

Making a krill soup for the whale to swallow.

Martin: Ok I get it!

It’s a fascinating way to feed.


(splash) I’m worn out.

(exhausted chuckle) Kabluey.

Hey, that’ll have to be your name… Kabluey.

Aviva: Kabluey.

Sooo cute, I just want to hug him!

Koki: If you could get your arms around him.

Jimmy Z: (laughs) Oh it’s funny that he’s a baby and he’s so big!

Aviva/Koki/Jimmy Z: Ahhh, Kabluey.

(laughter) Chris: Uh, a little help here.

(gasping for air) I found a big greeeeenn…anaconda!

Koki: This Is exactly what you were worried about Aviva.

Aviva: I know, they’re not working together.

Chris: Get me out of this!

Martin: Oh yeah, blue, blue, blue.

Koki: They’ve split up and now they’re both getting into trouble.

Aviva: And they can’t help each other.

Martin: Well blue is still better.

Chris: Green is…greater?

Jimmy Z: They both get really stubborn on laundry day.

Aviva: Well, maybe being swallowed by a blue whale and squeezed by a green anaconda will remind them, it’s better to work together, and…ah… this could be fantastic!

Chris: Uh!

Don’t you realize I’m being constricted by the world’s largest constrictor!

Aviva: Well, I’ve been hoping for a chance like this because…

I modified our python power disc to anaconda, from all the facts you gathered on anaconda in the Amazon adventure, and programmed… a Green Anaconda Power Disc!

And now, you’re touching a green anaconda, so… Chris: Hurry!!!

Jimmy Z: Energize.

Aviva: Coming at ya!


Jimmy Z: And zap it!

♪ Chris: Kohlenstoff-c-can’t reach… ♪ Got it!

Aviva: Kosmos right!

Koki/Jimmy Z: Woo hoo!

Chris: (struggle) Ah!

(struggle/effort) Yes!

Insert Anaconda Power disc!

Touuuuchhhhh ana– –conda!


Activate anaconda powers!

♪ Ho-ho, yes!

The best way to cruise the Amazon rainforest, is with… Anaconda Powers!

Oh, this forest, with its plants and trees, produces so much oxygen for Earth’s creatures to breathe.

♪ And it’s so full of animals!

Hello, capybara!

How you doin’, ocelot?

Hey, hey, jaguar, great to see ya’!

Giant river otters.

(chuckles) Stay cool!

(laughs) Oh-ho, piranhas coming through.

Pink river dolphins, love this Amazon river.

Aviva: And do you realize where the Amazon River flows to, Chris?

The oceans!

Here is where oceans and forests are connected.

The rain that waters your green forests comes from the blue seas.

Jimmy Z: What?!

How does that work?

Koki: Heat from the sun causes water in the ocean to evaporate.

And then this water vapor is carried up into the air and forms clouds!

Aviva: When the clouds are heavy and full of water, raindrops fall out of them watering all the plants below.

Koki: And giving animals water to drink.

Aviva: And then streams into the rivers, flowing back into the oceans.

Koki: A circular process.

Aviva: Tümpel, what I’m saying?

How green and blue work together?!

Martin: Well, yeah I guess.

But, the blue whale is way bigger than the green anaconda.

I mean, c’mon.

Koki: (sighs) I don’t think we are getting through.

Martin: Largest living animal!

Largest animal ever to have lived on planet Earth.

Aviva/Koki/Jimmy Z: Wow.. Martin: Okay Aviva, I need a blue whale power disc.

It’s going to be the biggest, best, bluest Creature Power Suit in the world!

Chris: I think Martin’s forgetting something.

What do blue whales eat?

Martin: Uh, they eat krill.

Millions and millions, up to 16 tons of krill a day.

We already talked about that.

Chris: OK and what do krill eat?

Martin: Well., phytoplankton, I guess.

Chris: Exactly!

Tiny green plants!


Green green green!

Without tiny GREEN plants, there would be no big BLUE whale!

Martin: Umm ..so?

Koki: Phytoplankton ergo make oxygen for the world.

In fact, the green phytoplankton of the oceans produce even more oxygen than forests on land.

Aviva: So right there, green plants in blue water working together to make Blue Whales!

Chris: Like you said Aviva, green plants.

Martin: You’re just jealous.

Blue is better!

Chris: Green is the greatest!

Martin: Blue, blue, blue, blue, blue!!

Chris: Go green, go green!

Martin: Go bluuueeeee!!!

Koki: This doesn’t make sense.

They’re getting even farther fremd!

Not closer together.

♪ Zach: What?!


Paisley, now blue boy is riding a giant fish!

Paisley: That’s a whale, Zach.

Dementsprechend a mammal.

Wow, you’re really bad at this.

Zach: Whatever.

I told you that they were spying on us.

Paisley: I don’t have time for this.

We need to find our perfect tropical beach and start working on our resort.

Follow me.

Koki: What are we going to do about these brothers?

Chris: Wow!

Aviva: Chris, where are you now?

Chris: Deactivate.

I’ll give you a hint.

Where would you find this green-eyed creature?

Aviva/Koki/Jimmy Z: Whoaa!

Chris: Check out these green eyes.

They belong to…

The largest living lemur.

Koki: Lemur?

Aviva: Are you in Madagascar?

Chris: Yup, I’m with the indri with green eyes.

Aviva, can you make me an Indri Power Suit, with big green eye goggles?

(indri call) Chris: And they sing too!

Whooooo – wooooo – wooooo.

Martin: Kohlenstoff’mon!

Blue whales sing tooo!

Ewwwewwww… Whra whraaaaaa Aviva: Yes!

Indri and blue whale.

YES, I can do this!

Martin: Alright!!

Chris: Whooo!

♪ Koki: What?

So, you’re going to program two different Creature Power Discs at the same time?

In all our adventures, this has never been done before.

Aviva: I think I can do it.

Jimmy Z: Noooo, it’s too much!

Aviva: But I have to try!

Activating Creature Power is the one thing that may bring the bros together, and put an end to this blue-green rivalry.

(keyboard beeping) Aviva: Alright!

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I think I’ve got it gang!

Chris/Martin: (grumbling) Aviva: So you want me to program two Creature Power Discs at the same time?

Well, climbing brother… ♪ Chris: Yes, Aviva?

Aviva: You better start gathering more facts on indri!

I’ll do it!

Chris: Oh yeah!

♪ Woo hoo!

Guess what?

I’m going to get indri powers!


(slap) (laughs) Aviva/Koki/Jimmy Z: (laughing) Aviva: Okay, now swimming brother?

Chase down some wow facts on that blue whale.

Martin: On it!

(chuckles) Oh how about a baby blue whale is the size of a dump truck.

And he can swim right after he’s born, with a little help from mom.

Oh and look at this.

The tail provides the swimming power, pumping up and down, up and down up and…whaoaoaoaoa!

Chris: Uh.. can I get my face back?

(laughs) Indri, like a lot of lemurs, have the softest, smoothest skin.

And look at the shape of the foot.

It’s like a giant hand.

The big toe is like a thumb.

A thumb toe!

In fact, the indri have one of the longest thumb toes in the entire creature world.

Aviva: What’s the function of that kind of foot?

Chris: Can you say leaping lemurs?

This foot is special for holding onto tree trunks.

Then pushing off from one tree, and grabbing the landing on another.

Aviva: A fabulous feature!

Grabbing feet and muscular legs.

Got it!

Martin, you got anything?

Martin: Uh, yeah.

Only the biggest living thing in the world!

A blue whale can weigh as much as 40 elephants.

That’s up to 180 tons.

Koki: That is hugely heavy.

Martin: And, the blue whale is bigger than any dinosaur ever welches.

In fact, a blue whale is as big as two brontosaurus, five T-Rex and three triceratops.

Koki: Wow!

So that makes the blue whale the biggest creature to have lived on planet Earth!

Martin: And size keeps it alive.

The blue whale is too big for most creatures to harm.

Being big is the blue whale’s defense.

Aviva: So, size is key.

I have to work on the Blue Whale Creature Power Suit.

Keep the observations coming, guys.

Chris: On it, Aviva!

♪ Martin: Incoming!

Chris: Ah-ugh!


(laughs) Nice one, bro!

(indri call) Chris: Wow!

The indri song.

(indri call) (indri call) Indri sing to make contact with other indri.

(indri call) (indri call) Chris: Ugh!

Mom sings and baby jumps.

I’ll name you Mambiky, that means ‘jump’ in the Malagasy language.

You jump while Mom sings.

(indri call) Aviva: Wow.

Koki: Beautiful.

Jimmy Z: Haunting.

Martin: Blue whale’s sing too, to talk with each other.

(whale song) Martin: And Kabluey will learn to sing soon.

(indri call/whale song) Koki: Hauntingly beautiful songs.

Jimmy Z: So, beautiful.

(gentle chuckle) Aviva: A duet of forest and ocean.

(indri call/whale song) Koki/Jimmy Z: Wow!

Aviva: Double wow!

Chris/Martin: (gasp) Aviva: I programmed two creature power discs at the same time!

Koki/Jimmy Z: You did it!

Martin/Chris/Koki/Jimmy Z: (cheering) Martin/Chris: Send them!

Jimmy Z: Energize… (humming) And zap it!

(zapping sound) Martin/Chris: Yes!

Insert Creature Power Discs… Chris: Touch indri!

Martin: Touch blue whale!

Chris: Activate indri power!

Martin: Activate blue whale power!

♪ Martin/Chris: Yeaaaah, Creature Power!

Chris: Whoa!

(loug splash) Martin/Chris: (laugh) Aviva: They’re happy!

Koki: They’re getting along again.

Jimmy Z: Ah… We survived laundry day.

Aviva: This calls for a celebration!

Jimmy fire up the Tortuga.

Chris, Martin, we’re coming to Madagascar.

I wanna see those power suits in action.

Chris: Sounds great, come on!

Martin: Woo hoo!

(laughs) Yeah!

Zach: Agrrr!


They’re laughing at us.

Paisley: They don’t even know we’re here, and that’s just how I want it.

(whoosh) Jimmy Z: You did it, Aviva.

Aviva: Yes!!

The Kratt Brothers are back!

Working together again!

(laughs) Make that singing together again.

Martin: (whale song) Chris: (indri call) Koki: I can’t understand a word of it.

Jimmy Z: You’d have to be an indri lemur or blue whale, but it sounds cool.

Koki: And look, our model of the Earth is in harmony too.

Blue and green working together.

Aviva: Creature Mission accomplished.

Now let’s join the bros for a swim.

Jimmy Z: Cool.

(alarm beeping) Koki: Oh no!

The Tortuga alarm!

Jimmy Z: (gasps) Something’s wrong!

Zach: Move this turtle ship!

It’s in our construction zone!

Aviva: This is NOT a construction zone.

This is a tropical beach home of wild animals!

Zach: I don’t care.

Get it outta here!

Aviva: Zach, leave the Tortuga alone.





Jimmy Z: Aaahhh!


My hot cocoa!

(splash) Aviva: Ur Earth!

Koki: Oh no!

It’s like too much pollution in our Earth’s atmosphere.

Jimmy Z: (sobs) What have I done!

Aviva: That “pollution” is throwing our Earth’s climate out of whack.

Storms are increasing.

(thunder rumbling) Jimmy Z: Aaah!

(lightning strikes) Aviva: Tornado!


Jimmy Z: Uh-oh…fires!


It’s heating up!

(fuming/rumbling) (coughing) Koki: Ice caps, north and south, are melting.

Sea levels rising.

Oh no…our model Earth, aah, (splash) is in crisis.

(thunder rumbles) Jimmy Z: Now, it’s just…a rock.

Aviva: Floating in outer space.

Koki: No more healthy climate to support life.

Jimmy Z: Only a tardigrade could live here.. (not sure) Maybe?

Aviva: It’s too late for our model Earth, so we have to make sure this doesn’t happen to the real, living Earth.

(chainsaw humming) Huh?

Zach: Cut!


Paisley: And pave!

We’re unstoppable!

(chuckles) Zach: Aaah!

Ugh, watch out!

Cut, flatten… Paisley: …and pave!

Jimmy Z: Never!

Koki: Ever!

Aviva: Not to our Earth!

Call off your Zachbots!

Jimmy Z: Think about what you’re doing to the Earth!

Zach: I did think about it.

That’s why I’m doing it.

Paisley: You can’t stop progress.

We are developing this unused land to make it better.

Aviva: Unused?!?

Animals live here and it’s their home!

Koki: The forest and the ocean create a healthy climate on Earth, for all of us.

Paisley: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Zach: And I don’t care!

(laughs) Take them back to their turtle ship.

Aviva: Hey!!

Jimmy Z: Stop!

Aviva: What are you doing?

Kosmos: Ugh!

Jimmy Z: Kratt Bros, Paisley and Zach are here.

We need some creature power help.

Chris: We’re on it!

Martin: To the Creature Rescue!


♪ Zach: Okay Zachbots, back to work!

Chris: No more cutting trees!

Lemurs live in them.

Zach: I knew you’d come.

Get him!

Chris: Aaaah!

Zach: Where’d he go?

Chris: Hey!

(brrring sounds) Zach: Aaaahhh!

Paisley: No time to waste.

Koki: Martin, the paver!

On the beach!

Martin: I’m on it!

Paisley: I’ll pave this whole sandy mess!

Martin: Not for long!

Splash Power!

(loud splash!)

Paisley: Uh-ooooh!

Martin: That’s how you do it, with the BIGGEST creature power on the planet.


I’m stuck!!!

(effort/struggle)) I can’t get back to the water.

Aviva: Sometimes a greatest strength can be a greatest weakness.

Beached whales are too big to move on land.

Martin: Whales can’t survive on land.

(gasping for air) Must.. get.. back…to water.

Jimmy Z: I’ve got just the thing for that.

♪ Koki: Lift your tail Martin!

(effort) Jimmy Z: Yee-haaaaw!

Koki: Reverse!

Martin: Uuuh!



Thanks guys.

Yes, the sea is the place to be.

Kabluey…you know what I’m talking about?

(laughter) Paisley: Oh…oh… Zach: Paisley, why aren’t you paving?

Paisley: Zach!

You said your Zachbots were security!

Zach: They are!

Zachbots, get that big blue thingy!

Chris: Indri power will take care of this.

(smashing) Yeah!


Take that!



That didn’t stop them?

Martin: Uh-oh.


Chris: Uh-oh, lemurs are just too gentle and loveable.

Tümpel what I’m talking about?

Who’s cuter than Mambiky?

That’s why we’ve got to protect your forest, your home, for funny little creatures like you.

Aviva: Plus, forests filter pollution and provide oxygen for life on Earth.

Chris: That too.

But, I can’t battle Zachbots with indri powers.

Lemurs are too gentle and peaceful.

Aviva: (giggles) That’s for sure.

Chris: I need something powerful, like my green anaconda powers.

(sighs) But there’s no anaconda to touch.

Aviva: Wait!

How long ago did you deactivate?

Chris: Just when I got to Madagascar.

Only a couple of hours ago.

Aviva: Hmmm.

Theoretically, I should be able to rewind and possibly reactivate the anaconda powers.

Chris: Really?

Yeah yeah yeah!


You can do it!

Aviva: Let me get in to that Creature Power Vest.

♪ Easy… Rewind activation.

Alright, this could be another Wildtier Kratts first.

Activate Anaconda Powers!

(gasps) It’s working!

It’s working!

Chris: Huh?

Aviva: Uh-oh!

A Creature Power Suit Malfunction!

Chris: Uh-oh.

♪ Hey!


I’m an Indri-conda!

Aviva: Oh no.

My over confidence…my hubris.

Chris: How in the creature world is this going to work?

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Aviva: I don’t know.

Maybe…try to combine the jumping and the constricting somehow?

Chris: Ok how about like this.


Uh-oh… Uaaaaah!



Aviva: Uh…how about not like that.

(ringing) Aaah!

Better figure out that creature combo so gut wie!

Here they come!

Chris: Gotta find my inner-Indri Conda.

Indriiiii Condaaaa… Indriiiii Condaaaa.


Aviva: I didn’t imagine the malfunction would work like this.

Chris: Indriiiiii Condaaaaa… Zach: Aah…oof… Chris: Indri-conda power is conda awesome!

Zach: Conda annoying!

Disruptorbots, time to get to work!

Turn him off!

♪ Chris: Uh-oh, Indriconda squeeze.

(effort) (bouncing) Martin: Blue whale splash!

(loud splash!)

(loud crush!)

Chris: Hah, this creature power suit malfunction is kinda fun.

(buzzing) Huh?



(bam) Zach: (evil cackle) Thought you could beat me?

Get em’!

Chris: Oh, I’ve been deactivated!

(gasps) Zachbots twelve o’clock!

♪ (splash) ♪ Martin: Hey bro, nice to see you visit the big blue.

Chris: No wait!

Zachbots coming in.

Martin help!

Martin: (whistles) Zachbots over here!

Now I’ve just got to lose these two Zachbots.


Why am I swimming away?

I’m the biggest living thing in the world!

I’ll take care of them.


Got ’em!

Zach: Where are my Zachbots?

Martin: You looking for these?

Zachbots brought to you by baleen.

Aviva: Nice use of blue whale power Martin.

Martin: Though, not going to actually eat them like a blue whale would swallow krill.

This is so you learn to protect.. (spits) (bam!)

..the Earth!

Zach: I will never learn anything!

Aviva: Martin, did you see Chris down there?

♪ Chris: Oh no.

I’m cornered!

♪ Ohhhh… A-a-ah!

Whoa…great move octopus!

Just hold him and I’ll power him down.

Good teamwork.

Koki: Great job!

Jimmy Z: Alright!

(door knocking) Who’s that?

Koki: Uh, hello?!


Paisley: I am paving in the name of progress from the forest into the sea.

Would you please move your turtle ship?

Chris: Stop it!

Let me go!

Paisley: What?

Who’s saying that?

Chris: (laughter) (laughs) Paisley: Look at that structure.


Aviva: Yeah, that’s a coral reef.

Paisley: Who built it?

Aviva: Little animals called coral polyps.

Paisley: Little animals built that?

Chris: Yeah, and the reef they built is home for all these amazing animals.

Martin: Oh yeah!

Coral reefs are important parts of healthy oceans that create a healthy Earth.

Paisley: Oh my…

I never knew… Aviva: Only with healthy oceans, forests and an atmosphere, can Earth be a home for life.

But if we pollute the water and the air, and destroy forests and animals then this happens.

The Earth becomes a sad rock floating alone in space.

Paisley: Well why would we do that?

Then we’d have nowhere to live.

Aviva: Exactly!

Paisley: So that doesn’t make much sense.

To be alive, the Earth needs an atmosphere made by forests and oceans.

Zach: Come on Paisley, let’s flatten this place and pave it over!

Paisley: No!

We must protect forests and oceans.

I’m out of the environmental villain business.

Zach: What?

Paisley: I’m out!

I’m on nature’s side.

Zach: Whaaattt?!

Well, I will never stop taking what I want from nature!

Aviva: Some people still have to learn about how the Earth is our living, breathing home.

Paisley: From now on, I will always protect nature and planet Earth.

Jimmy Z: So, Paisley’s on our side now?

Koki: Looks like it.

Paisley: Why don’t we work together and make a special place that’s friendly to oceans, forests, and all life on Earth.

Koki/Jimmy Z/Aviva: (cheering) Yeah!!

Martin: So, we all worked together, using what we knew about animals and nature, combined with Paisley’s building skills to make… Blue and Green World!

A place where we can hang out with the living Earth.

Paisley: We put nature first.

Working around the trees, protecting animal homes and being inspired by the designs and building styles of nature.

Chris: Like weaver nests.

Right Mambiky?

♪ (splash) Martin: New reefs grow on top of underwater rooms and tunnels.

Paisley: Inspired by the corals’ ingenious building methods.

Martin: (chuckles) With new living coral reefs growing on top of these structures, making homes for all sorts of animals.

Jimmy Z: And we get energy from the moving ocean water and from the tides.

Koki: And more clean energy from the sun and wind.

No pollution!

Chris: It’s a place where people can have fun in nature.

Aviva: Plus, it has a treetop water slide!


Chris/Aviva/Koki/Jimmy Z: (laughing) Chris: It’s the Earth’s most amazing water slide, connecting great green forests… (splashing) Aviva/Koki/Jimmy Z: (laughing) (splashing) Martin: To the big blue seas!

Right Kabluey?

(chuckles) Turns out, our favorite colors are… Chris: …what make the Earth a planet that… Martin/Chris: …we can all live on.

Martin: It’s a blue… Chris: …it’s a green… Martin/Chris: World!

Koki: Ur living… Jimmy Z: …breathing planet.

Aviva: Ur home in space.

Chris: Spinning free and in the universe!

Martin: Oh yeah, planet Earth is full of so many amazing and endangered animals.

Chris: And we have to do all we can to help save them.

Martin: Alright Julia, so what is this?

Julia: So, this is one of the suction cup tags that we put on the whales.

It has a whole bunch of movement sensors, a video camera and an underwater microphone.

Chris: So, it fastens to the whale with the suction cups?

Julia: Yup.

Martin: Okay, and then this sends the signals?

Martin: …this antenna?

Julia: Yeah…this our Julia: …antenna that we can use to track it.

Chris: Well let’s get one of those on the whale.

Martin: Ready?

Marc: Let’s do it!

Martin: A tracker stays on the whale for about a day, gathering information to learn about the whales, so we can help them.


Eleven o’clock.

Chris: You’ve got to be patient.

Wait for your chance.

Martin: Humpback whales can hold their breath for as long as 45 minutes, but a usual dive time is around 6 to 10 minutes.

♪ Chris: Oh, one coming up for air here.

Here we go!

(loud air/water burst) Steady… Got it!!

Wow, awesome job Marc!

Everyone: (cheering) Martin: Another whale!

Port side!

(loud burst) Here it comes.


Chris: With the tag’s camera, you can see what the whale sees.

So, Marc has his telemetry gear and is tracking the whale that he tagged.

So how does this work?

Marc: So, the tag has a VHF transmitter and this is a VHF antenna and so, when the whale’s at the surface, we hear some beeps.

(beeping sound) Chris: And so, with the tracking of the whale, you can tell the movements?

Marc: Yeah, the tag has all kinds of sensors that tells us its rotation, its three-dimensional movement, how deep it’s diving and records sounds, so… (whale singing) We learn a lot from those tags about the whale’s behavior.

Chris: Amazing.

So is it around here?

Marc: Yeah, it’s somewhere over here.

(whale song) Chris: So, all these amazing Earth creatures need both, a blue… Martin: …and a green Martin/Chris: Earth to survive!

Martin: Let’s keep learning about this planet and all the amazing animals who live here and do whatever we can to protect them.

Chris: Keep on creature adventuring!

Martin: We’ll see you on the creature trail!

♪ ♪ Chris: To find out more about cool animals, Martin: And collect your own Wildtier Kratt’s creature powers, Chris: go to the Wildtier Kratt’s website Martin: at pbskids.org Both: We’ll see you there!

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