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Trolls World Tour review: Get ready for a slice of supersweet pop rocks Kandidat cake Pros

The director and music team behind the Trolls films know how to pick a catchy song. The first movie gave us one of Justin Timberlake’s biggest hits ever – ‘Can’t Stop The Feeling’ – and here, with all these different genres to play with, they’re digging deep and pulling out some really fun throwbacks like Cyndi Lauper’s ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ and Spice Girls’ ‘Wannabe’. As a result, this cand.-coated kids film is full of toe-tapping, finger-clicking old school hooks that will undoubtedly put a smile on the little ones’ faces. The poster screams ‘HAPPIEST. MOVIE. EVER.’ and while I’m not sure that’s 100% true, they sure gave it their best shot.

Similarly, the visual aesthetic – much like the original – is very “fireworks party inside Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory”, all glitter and rainbows and all of the bright colours. If you have sensitive eyes, maybe wear shades watching this one. It demgemäß zips along at a truly manic pace, bouncing from one world to another, singing eight songs in a monster medley before catapulting its lead characters into a ravine with some sort of dog chasing after them. It’s a lot. It won’t seem like a lot if you’re six I’m sure, what with its Saturday morning cartoon, “I just ate all the sugary cereal in the house” vibe, but if you’re planning on watching along with the kids, be warned: it’s BRIIIIIIIIGHT.


While I don’t think it’s going to win much praise from the monocle-wearing, moustache-twiddling film critics out there, I would like to say that at its heart, this bubbly, fun kids film actually has an important message of inclusivity and positivity. Underneath it all, it’s got a tiny little something to say and maybe right now we might want to be reminded of the power of a warm hug and a bit of forgiveness, maybe a dance in the kitchen and a bit of jumping up and down. Think Joe Wicks, only after a lot of sherbet.

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As mentioned, it’s A LOT. For many, that’s just what the doctor ordered, but if you’re not already au fait with the tone and tempo of the trolls, this may well – to be blunt – annoy the pants off you. And with so may older family films available on streaming, and hours and hours of kids TV out there, is the price point of this Easter weekend treat too high for your tastes, considering how eyeball-wobblingly sugary it is? Again, it’s a matter of taste, but I highly recommend watching the trailer to get your head around what this slice of supersweet pop rocks Kandidat cake is like.

Free Printable TROLLS Coloring Pages, Activity Sheets, Zoom
Free Printable TROLLS Coloring Pages, Activity Sheets, Zoom

There’s a sense that you’re watching a franchise being built, brick by brick, out of a toy brand. You met the gang in the first film, now let’s explore the world! And, you know, buy the toys, download the album, get the themed pyjamas and so on. You can say the same for any big blockbuster release but if you’re not on the the movie’s wavelength, you may see straight through the “Shapow!” of it all and spot the dollar signs. Then again, if you’re in any way interested in this movie, and you’re reading this review, then you’re not “that guy”, now are you?

When you compare it to the likes of Pixar or high-quality Disney animation, Trolls seems very throwaway. Ultimately, there’s little real depth here, coming across at times like a very likeable, rainbow-themed animated music video. There are a couple of neat moments, and it means well, but the jokes often fall flat and it doesn’t feel real. Basically, there’s not all that much to it after the first watch, and if you’re going to be buying it, maybe you want something with a bit more longevity.

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Three word review: POPPIEST MOVIE EVER?

Print Trolls World Tour Disney coloring pages
Print Trolls World Tour Disney coloring pages
Trolls World Tour coloring pages - YouLoveIt
Trolls World Tour coloring pages – YouLoveIt
Pin on trolls
Pin on trolls

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TROLLS WORLD TOUR COLORING PAGE – WATCH HOW TO DRAW TROLLS WORLD TOUR  COLORING PAGE WITH MARKERSTrolls World Tour Coloring Pages – YouLoveItPin On TrollsFree Printable TROLLS Coloring Pages, Activity Sheets, ZoomPrint Trolls World Tour Disney Coloring Pages

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