Best Sea Turtle Coloring Page

Green Sea Turtle

Common Name: Green Sea Turtle

Scientific Name: Chelonia mydas

Beautiful Sea Turtle Coloring Pages - Nature Inspired Learning
Beautiful Sea Turtle Coloring Pages – Nature Inspired Learning

Type: Reptiles

Diet: Herbivore

Group Name: Bale

Sea Turtle coloring page for adult
Sea Turtle coloring page for adult

Size: Up to 5 feet

Weight: Up to 700 pounds

Size relative to a 6-ft man: IUCN Red List Status: ? Endangered

Cute Sea Turtle Vector Coloring Page Stock-Vektorgrafik  Adobe Stock
Cute Sea Turtle Vector Coloring Page Stock-Vektorgrafik Adobe Stock

Least Concern Extinct

Current Population Trend: Decreasing

The green turtle is a large, weighty sea turtle with a wide, smooth carapace, or shell. It inhabits tropical and subtropical coastal waters around the world and has been observed clambering onto land to sunbathe.

Sea Turtle Coloring Pages (% Free Printables)
Sea Turtle Coloring Pages (% Free Printables)


It is named not for the color of its shell, which is normally brown or olive depending on its habitat, but for the greenish color of its skin. There are two types of green turtles—scientists are currently debating whether they are subspecies or separate species—including the Atlantic green turtle, normally found off the shores of Europe and North America, and the Eastern Pacific green turtle, which has been found in coastal waters from Alaska to Chile.


Weighing up to 700 pounds green turtles are among the largest sea turtles in the world. Their proportionally small head, which is nonretractable, extends from a heart-shaped carapace that measures up to 5 feet. Males are slightly larger than females and have a longer tail. Both have flippers that resemble paddles, which make them powerful and graceful swimmers.

Diet and Behavior

Unlike most sea turtles, adult green turtles are herbivorous, feeding on sea grasses and algae. Juvenile green turtles, however, will also eat invertebrates like crabs, jellyfish, and sponges.

While most sea turtles warm themselves by swimming close to the surface of shallow waters, the Eastern Pacific green turtle will take to land to bask in the sun. Occasionally seen sunbathing alongside seals and albatrosses, it is one of the few marine turtles known to leave the water other than at nesting times.

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Breeding and Conservation

Green turtles, like other sea turtles, undertake lengthy migrations from feeding sites to nesting grounds, normally on sandy beaches. Mating occurs every two to four years and normally takes place in shallow waters close to the shore. To nest, females leave the sea and choose an area, often on the same beach used by their mothers, to lay their eggs. They dig a pit in the sand with their flippers, fill it with a clutch of 100 to 200 eggs, cover the pit and return to the sea, leaving the eggs to hatch after about two months. The most dangerous time of a green turtle’s life is when it makes the journey from nest to sea. Multiple predators, including crabs and flocks of gulls, voraciously prey on hatchlings during this short scamper.

Green turtles are listed as an endangered species. Despite this, they are still killed for their meat and eggs. Their numbers are also reduced by boat propeller accidents, fishnet-caused drowning, and the destruction of their nesting grounds by human encroachment.

Find out about sea turtles’ oldest known ancestor, how certain adaptations may have helped the reptiles survive, and the conservation efforts being made to save them.

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Cute Sea Turtle Vector Coloring Page Stock Vektorgrafik  Adobe StockSea Turtle Coloring Page For AdultSea Turtle Coloring Pages (% Free Printables)Beautiful Sea Turtle Coloring Pages – Nature Inspired Learning

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