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17 Pug Mixes That Make the Perfect Pals

From the chug and jug to puggle and pugapoo

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Pug Coloring Pages Printable for Free Download
Pug Coloring Pages Printable for Free Download

The pug is an instantly recognizable and incredibly lovable dog who’s popular for good reason—but some pug mixes are just as popular. A few popular pug mixes include the chug, puggle, and bugg. We talked with Amy Attas, DVM, and author of Pets and the City, on what potential pet parents can expect from a pug mix.

“When two breeds are crossed, the offspring will share traits from both,” she says. “Many breeds are commonly bred to pugs, and the resulting offspring have personalities that differ from both purebred lines—but they result in some adorable breed names.”

Because it’s harder to predict what traits a mixed-breed dog will inherit, and each dog will have their own personality despite genetics, Attas recommends making sure that the dog you’re looking to adopt or purchase aligns with your preferences and lifestyle.

Pug Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)
Pug Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Considerations Before Adopting a Pug Mix

Pugs are prone to certain health issues due to their brachycephalic, short-nosed structure, including breathing difficulties, skin fold dermatitis, and obesity, says Bethany Hsia, DVM, and co-founder of CodaPet. She encourages pet parents looking for a pug mix to research the potential health issues that can arise from mixing breeds with different genetic predispositions and each breed’s specific health concerns. Pet parents should consider factors such as size, energy level, temperament, and care requirements of the dog before bringing them home.

If you’re drawn to the breed characteristics of a pug and are considering welcoming a pug mix into your family, Attas says to be mindful of the following:

Adult Pug Coloring Pages - Free & Printable!
Adult Pug Coloring Pages – Free & Printable!

Most pug mixes require more exercise than pug purebreds

Some pug crosses require much more grooming, whereas pugs only require regular brushing, as they do shed a lot

Some pug crosses are more independent than the pug

Pug Coloring Page - Art Starts
Pug Coloring Page – Art Starts

“Whenever considering a dog, whether purebred or crossed, it must be stressed that this is a lifetime commitment,” she says. “Families must be prepared to provide love, attention, and medical care for the dog’s entire lifetime, which can be 15 years or more.”


Because of the increased popularity of mixed-breed dogs, like doodles, backyard breeders and puppy mills are producing huge volumes of these dogs for profit rather than love and passion for the breed. Dogs in these operations are overbred, often live in unsanitary conditions, and can have health issues. Before purchasing a mixed-breed dog from a breeder, make sure you can visit the breeding facility, meet the dog’s parents, and receive health certifications from the parent dogs. Breeders should never agree to ship dogs to customers.

Pug Coloring Pages (% Free Printables)
Pug Coloring Pages (% Free Printables)

Puggle (Pug and Beagle Mix)

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The puggle is the most common pug cross, Attas says. “These dogs tend to be larger than pugs and require much more exercise,” she adds. Hsia echoes these sentiments, explaining that puggles are known for being energetic and sociable dogs that need regular exercise and mental stimulation. This could include playing with puzzle toys, trick training, or a game of chase or fetch.

Being part beagle, Attas says puggles have slightly longer noses, which may help with some of the breathing difficulty brachycephalic breeds, like pugs, may have.

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Hillary Kladke / Getty Images

With pug and Chihuahua parents, Hsia says chugs may exhibit a bold personality despite their small size. Combining both a pug’s and a Chihuahua’s fierce devotion to their family, chugs may need early socialization to behave calmly and friendly toward strangers. That is unless you’re looking for a pocket-sized protector.

Pugapoo (Pug and Poodle Mix)

If you’re looking for an intelligent and affectionate mixed breed, Hsia says pugapoos are just that. Poodles are incredibly bright and athletic, so you may need to provide plenty of opportunities for exercise and enrichment to keep your pugapoo active and entertained. Due to their poodle heritage, there’s a good chance they’ll also need regular grooming to maintain their coat.

Bugg (Pug and Boston Terrier Mix)

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With pug and Boston terrier parents, your little bugg will likely be playful and friendly, easily getting along with other people and pets. They may inherit a Boston terrier’s high energy, which makes dog sports, like agility and rally, a great way to ensure they get enough physical activity. Offer a variety of puzzle toys and interactive toys to help keep them mentally stimulated.

Because pugs and Boston terriers are brachycephalic breeds, they may have breathing issues and are prone to overheating. Be sure to provide enough breaks when exercising and keep them out of warm weather to ensure they’re safe.

Hug (Pug and Siberian Husky Mix)

“Hugs may possess a unique combination of traits from the pug and Siberian husky breeds,” Hsia says. “Pugs are known for being playful and loyal, while Siberian huskies are energetic and independent.”

With this captivating hybrid, she explains hugs may be lively, intelligent, and perhaps even a little stubborn. They could also have a high energy level and require ample exercise to prevent boredom. With the influence of a pug’s genetics, hugs may be smaller in size and may inherit a husky’s double coat. Or, perhaps their beautiful blue eyes.

Daug (Pug and Dachshund Mix)

Aside from their doggone adorable name, the daug may be affectionate and sociable like a pug and courageous and independent like a dachshund, Hsia says. To add to the cuteness, she says it’s possible that daugs could have a pug’s wrinkled face and a dachshund’s elongated body. Because pugs and doxies are prone to unwanted weight gain, this mixed breed will require regular exercise and mental stimulation to stay happy and healthy.

Pug-Zu (Pug and Shih Tzu Mix)

A pug-zu will typically be small to medium in size with a medium-length coat, Attas says. “Both breeds are playful and affectionate, and pug-zus tend to be as well.” Because shih tzus have short noses like pugs that are associated with breathing issues, Attas says it’s possible that this mixed breed can be prone to respiratory issues. Depending on if your pug-zu inherits a shih tzu’s luscious locks, frequent grooming is a must to keep them feeling comfortable and looking fabulous.

139 Shih Tzu Names

American Pugabull (Pug and American Bulldog Mix)

Hsia says American pugabulls tend to exhibit a combination of the pug’s playful demeanor and the American bulldog’s confident, protective instincts. She explains that they may be loving yet vigilant pets with a strong loyalty to their families. Considering the two breeds’ contrast in size and appearance, American pugabulls may have a sturdy build like the American bulldog with the pushed-in face of a pug.

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Pugshire (Pug and Yorkshire Terrier Mix)

Because the pug and Yorkshire terrier are small breeds, Attas says the pugshire will also be itty bitty with a variety of hair coats depending on which breed’s genes are dominant. “The Yorkshire terrier is a more independent breed, and some of that personality trait may be seen in the offspring,” she says. Both pugs and Yorkshire terriers are prone to dental issues, meaning regular dental care is essential for a pugshire.

Schnug (Pug and Miniature Schnauzer Mix)

Attas describes schnugs as being affectionate, playful, and good family pets. Miniature schnauzers have longer, wiry coats compared to a pug’s short and smooth coat, likely resulting in a schnug requiring more grooming. Due to their origins as working dogs, miniature schnauzers love keeping busy with physical activity and mental stimulation. Give your schnug plenty of exercise and enrichment and watch them thrive.

Pugalier (Pug and King Charles Cavalier Spaniel Mix)

A pug and a Cavalier King Charles spaniel mix can mean one thing: a pint-sized pugalier prince. These dogs may have a pug’s friendly disposition and a King Charles Cavalier spaniel’s gentle temperament, making them loving, easygoing, and well-mannered pets, Hsia says. They may have a moderate energy level suitable for families, she adds, and appear in a mix of coat colors from both parent breeds.

Puginese (Pug and Pekingese Mix)

When comparing the pug and Pekingese, the two share many physical traits, likely resulting in the puginese being shorter than a pug with much longer hair, Attas says. She describes both breeds as being affectionate and strongly bonded with family members. However, a Pekingese can be slightly more aloof and result in a more independent dog, she adds. Since pugs and Pekingese have similar anatomical structures, the puginese may be prone to respiratory and eye issues.

Frug (Pug and French Bulldog Mix)

Frugs are bound to be spunky little clowns thanks to their pug and French bulldog parents’ playful personalities. Both breeds are affectionate and love their people. Frugs are likely to have short and smooth coats and may do well with basic grooming that consists of weekly brushing. They’re also good apartment dogs due to their small size with short daily walks and indoor playtime being sufficient physical activity. Pugs and French bulldogs are prone to overheating due to their short noses and flat faces, so it’s important to avoid overexerting frugs and keep them out of hot weather.

Jug (Pug and Jack Russell Terrier Mix)

Attas says jugs tend to be very energetic, playful, and sometimes stubborn. Both pugs and Jack Russell terriers (JRT) are fun-loving, meaning you can likely expect the same from your jug. Early socialization for a jug is recommended due to a JRT’s strong prey drive so they can get along with other small pets. The jug, like the JRT, can also benefit from positive reinforcement training and socialization.

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Corgi Pug (Pug and Pembroke Welsh Corgi Mix)

No matter whether your corgi pug has a squishy pug face and pointed corgi ears, or floppy ears and short legs, prepare for countless “aww”s everywhere you go. These two parent breeds are especially playful, fun, and loving, making the corgi pug a wonderful companion and family dog. This mixed breed, also known as a “porgi,” is adaptable and can live just about anywhere as long as they can put their mind and body to work. They should be trained and socialized early on to prevent potentially unwanted behaviors inherited from their corgi parent, such as nipping at the ankles and unnecessary barking.

Pug Pit (Pug and American Pit Bull Terrier Mix)

Both the pug and American pit bull terrier are beloved for their sweet smiles. This mixed breed will be larger than your typical pug. No matter their size, they’ll surely have a huge heart. These two parent breeds are loyal companions who love to snuggle as much as they do play. They may require additional socialization to ensure they get along with other pets in the household.

Pom-A-Pug (Pug and Pomeranian Mix)

Both pugs and Pomeranians are among the most esteemed breeds for royal families. These dogs were bred to be the sweetest companions who’ll love to sit in your lap. And the pom-a-pug is no exception. This mix is small in size and won’t require much exercise compared to other breeds.

Read the original article on The Spruce Pets.

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