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Color My Town releases the new Seymour edition

Allen Mitchell, left, and Tara Wallace with Color My Town.

Chey Smith | The Tribune

New Years Coloring Pages - DOODLE ART ALLEY
New Years Coloring Pages – DOODLE ART ALLEY

Allen Mitchell with all of the Coloring My Town books on display.

Chey Smith | The Tribune

Owner of Brooklyn Pizza, Shawn Malone, holding up his spread in Color My Town including his wife and employees at Brooklynn Pizza.

kids new years eve free printable coloring page  Crate & Kids Canada
kids new years eve free printable coloring page Crate & Kids Canada

Chey Smith | The Tribune

Close up of the array of previous Color My Town coloring books.

Chey Smith | The Tribune

New Year
New Year’s Coloring Pages: Free Printables for – Cute

Food provided by Brooklyn Pizza to the guests that came for the pick-up event.

Chey Smith | The Tribune

Emma Martin showing the page she worked on about Dickson Gift’s history and print shop.

Chey Smith | The Tribune

Mayor Matt Nicholson, right, congratulates Eleanor Bane on winning the Seymour edition of Coloring My town essay contest.

Submitted Photo | Tara Wallace

Brooklyn Pizza hosted a Coloring Seymour pick-up event for those featured in and contributing to the recent Seymour edition of the 96-page coloring book; the first they have done in Indiana.

To celebrate the eclipse, the team decided to create a cover with their mascot, Rusty the Fox, wearing eclipse glasses with the eclipse behind him.

The owner of Coloring My Town, Allen Mitchell, was born and raised in Seymour. He’s been making these coloring books for five years now, giving them to schools for students in grades K-5.

To create these coloring books, it takes a big team. Intensive research is required to learn about the history of each town they cover. When deciding on what to include in the books, Coloring My Town receives input from the mayor, school faculty, the chamber of commerce and others.

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More than 20 artists are recruited to make the caricatures, including talent from an art teacher from Crothersville.

Tara Wallace, vice president of Coloring My Town, described their artists as passionate and similar to musicians: they do their art whenever they can along with their fulltime careers.

Emma Martin, one of the artists involved, has been with the team since the beginning. Martin’s favorite part of the project is learning about these places through the medium of coloring books and once they’re made, they can be transformed.

“It’s in black and white, but you can color it and bring it to life,” said Martin.

Being asked to be put in a coloring book isn’t a typical question most are faced with.

Mitchell said that when he’s asked people to be put in his coloring books, some people react with instant glee, overjoyed by the whimsy and uniqueness of being included in a coloring book, while others have laughed in disbelief, only to be surprised when shown the books themselves and gladly accept the offer.

Coloring My Town also held a contest that Eleanor Bane, a fifth-grader from Seymour Intermediate School, won. She wrote about what she likes about Seymour. Her caricature along with her essay are included in the coloring book.

Rusty the Fox, Penelope the Pelican, Baxter the Bear, and new edition to the friendly animal mascots, Ruby the Fox, help to teach kids about their community and about the importance of disconnecting from technology.

Coloring 2 Connect is a spread of pages included for Seymour’s first time in this 2024 edition, addressing parents, grandparents and caregivers to take the time to turn off TVs, phones and tablets and spend time just coloring with their kids.

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Wallace spoke about when she spent time with her son on Coloring 2 Connect, time flew by. It gave her and her son the opportunity to be in each other’s presence without distractions. While you can watch a TV show with your family, the experience of coloring together stirred up conversations that otherwise may not have come up.

The spread includes thought-provoking conversation topics along with the benefits of coloring, such as sharpening fine motor skills, providing an emotional expressive outlet, and having therapeutic effects that promote relaxation and stress reduction.

Mitchell and Wallace are excited for a bright future ahead, continuously learning more about the towns they cover to expand their knowledge, staff, and reach.

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New Year’s Coloring Pages: Free Printables For  – CuteKids New Years Eve Free Printable Coloring Page  Crate & Kids CanadaNew Years Coloring Pages – DOODLE ART ALLEY

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