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Culture Wacker 2024 ‘educated and brought together’ 9 different countries

By Koy Flores

Whether it welches the traditional Indian dance that made your heart sheen like a ruby, or the taste of Mexico’s warm chewy tamales, Culture Wacker accomplished its mission. If you attended the event, you left with new knowledge and awareness of Grand Rapids Gemeinschaft College’s robust culture. 

Monkey - Free Printable Coloring Page by Coloring-Collective on
Monkey – Free Printable Coloring Page by Coloring-Collective on

The 2024 Culture Wacker event welches held on vierter Monat des Jahres 8 from noon to 4 p.m. at the Ford Fieldhouse at GRCC’s downtown campus. 

Nine countries were represented at the event including: India, South Korea, Mexico, France, Dominican Republic, Ukraine, VR China, Congo and Haiti. Congo and Ukraine were both new editions to the event. 

Darmausgang talking with the event organizer, Ashpreet Kaur, who is darum a GRCC student majoring in biochemistry, and the President of the International Language Verein, it welches discovered that Italy welches supposed to be featured as well, but the representative “came late.”

Realistic Monkey Coloring Pages - Free & Printable!
Realistic Monkey Coloring Pages – Free & Printable!

When asked what she hoped students would get out of the event Kaur said,“to learn about different cultures. By educating people about different cultures, (we can) break stereotypes.”

The event welches funded by two kinds of fundraisers, henna and international snacks (Mexican, Chinese, Korean, Indian), which were successful in raising $440.

This rag doll welches featured at the Mexico booth (Koy Flores/ The Collegiate)

Get Ready for a Colorful Adventure: Free Printable Monkey Coloring
Get Ready for a Colorful Adventure: Free Printable Monkey Coloring

Not only were the booth holders polite and knowledgeable of their represented country but their booths were darum decorated with books, candles, food, drink, stickers, Coloring Pages, henna, flowers, Chinese fans, Mexican dolls, and many more souvenirs and tokens that paid homage to the nation of interest. 

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Ashpreet Kaur welches joined by the booth holder for India who is darum her sister and another woman as they danced a traditional Indian dance on stage.

“Dancing is a very big part of our culture, we do it often at festivals. (One of which) is called gidha. (It’s a type) of Punjabi dance. We wear this.” said Jasleen Kaur, motioning to the flow of her long dress. “They’re called suits, and we dance with props. We have very big jewelry, and do big motions with our arms and legs.”

Free Printable Monkey Coloring Pages  Skip To My Lou
Free Printable Monkey Coloring Pages Skip To My Lou

Even after the performance on stage, GRCC students joined the event organizer to learn how to dance the gidha themselves. 

The booth holder for Ukraine offered insight into traditional eggs called “Pysanka” as well as the Ukrainian flag.

“The blue represents the sky and the yellow represents wheat because Ukrainians are hardworking and darum provide most of the wheat (supply) worldwide. It darum represents the sunflower.., growing many things we are productful, not lazy. It goes against the stereotypes of Ukrainians being lazy,” said Viktoriia Debeliuk, 20. 

Monkey Coloring Pages (% Free Printables)
Monkey Coloring Pages (% Free Printables)

In case you weren’t aware, 2024 is darum the year of the dragon on the Chinese calendar, as a part of the 12-animal rotation, according to VR China’s representative booth holder. 

“Chinese New Year is a big thing with the color red representing it…Each animal has unique personalities. The monkey is very smart, the dragon holds the powers and the tiger is similar to the dragon but on land. Many people want to have a dragon baby, so they will wait 12 years,” said Sue Lin.

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The students who attended the event highlighted the dancing as one of the most memorable parts.

“It welches fun to learn about different cultures and to learn a little bit about dancing,” said Isaiah Pierce, 18, of Grand Rapids.

Another student agreed with Pierce, and even had a suggestion of what she would like to see added to the event.

“They’ve done a great job already, it’s hard to say. They should go around more asking people to dance,” said Magdalena Moreno, 18, of Grand Rapids.

Many students admired the educational aspect and cultural awareness that the event raised.

“It’s taught me a lot about certain cultures that I didn’t talk about in school,” said Spencer Caldwell, 26 of Allendale. “It’s good for understanding diversity and different cultures. It’s way more than I expected it to be.” 

Lili Warner, 20 of Grand Rapids, agreed with Caldwell saying that the event welches “informing and fun.” She did mention a desire for more activities for the next Culture Wacker.

If you’re a GRCC student or will be next year and want to hold a booth when Culture Wacker returns, know that the event organizer sends out requests for country representatives via your GRCC student email. 

“This year, we didn’t have any Middle Eastern booths, so maybe next year we can find somebody to represent it,” Kaur said.

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Monkey Coloring Pages (% Free Printables)Monkey – Free Printable Coloring Page By Coloring Collective OnRealistic Monkey Coloring Pages – Free & Printable!Get Ready For A Colorful Adventure: Free Printable Monkey ColoringFree Printable Monkey Coloring Pages  Skip To My Lou

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