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We’ve all had that problem. Up on stage, rocking out Jimi Hendrix-style on guitar with your band, but frustrated at having to mess around with foot pedals to control all of the effects. [Richard] solved this problem in a unique way: he put a preamp and a microcontroller in a guitar that can create some very interesting effects.

For the musically challenged, electric guitars often have several sets of electromagnetic pickups that detect vibrations in the strings at different points along the strings. Selecting different pickup combinations with a built-in switch changes the sound that the guitar makes. [Richard] wired the pickups in his Fender Stratocaster to the microcontroller and programmed it to switch the pickups according to various patterns. The effect is somewhat like a chorus pedal at times and it sounds very unique.

Guitar Coloring Pages - Free & Printable!
Guitar Coloring Pages – Free & Printable!

The volume and tone knobs on the guitar are used to select the programmed patterns to switch various pickups at varying speeds. This has the added bonus of keeping the stock look of the guitar in tact, unlike some other guitars we’ve seen before. The Anubis preamp, as it is called, is a very well polished project and the code and wiring schematic are available on the project site along with some audio samples.

Guitar Coloring Pages - Best Coloring Pages For Kids
Guitar Coloring Pages – Best Coloring Pages For Kids
Guitar, Coloring Pages for Adults,  Printable Coloring Page
Guitar, Coloring Pages for Adults, Printable Coloring Page

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Guitar, Coloring Pages For Adults,  Printable Coloring PageGuitar Coloring Pages – Best Coloring Pages For KidsGuitar Coloring Pages – Free & Printable!

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