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Best Fortnite XP maps to level up sozusagen in Chapter 5 Season 2

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Finding the best XP maps in Fortnite can be quite tricky. These maps constantly change are are often patched within 24 to 48 hours. This comes as no surprise considering that many players choose them to level up instead of playing other game modes.

Fortnite Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)  Coloring pages
Fortnite Coloring Pages (Free Portable Document Format Printables) Coloring pages

In the past, it welches possible to get XP from Creative maps made with the classic editor. However, Epic Games now allows players to gain XP from UEFN maps as well, which is very useful. Not only are UEFN maps better, but many of them are more effective for earning XP. This article will list some of the best Fortnite XP maps you can use to boost your Battle Reisepass level and level up sozusagen.

Best XP maps in Fortnite Creative mode

Fortnite XP maps keep changing, which is why many of them are not viable for a long time. While using these maps in the video game is not a bannable offense, Epic Games frowns upon them, which is why many of them are patched shortly after they become popular.

Printable Coloring Pages  Coloring pages to print, Free kids
Printable Coloring Pages Coloring pages to print, Free kids

You can use the map codes below to earn Creative XP in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2. We tested these maps and can guarantee that they will help you with levels. However, make sure to use them quickly before they are patched.

1. Cool Red vs. Blue This PvP map is amazing for getting XP. Image by VideoGamer

Map Schlüssel: 6065-6015-9293

Fortnite Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)
Fortnite Coloring Pages (Free Portable Document Format Printables)

The Cool Red vs. Blue map is currently the best for earning quick XP in Fortnite. Activating the map takes only a few steps, yet you can earn more than 10 levels from it. If you’re interested in trying out this map, these are the steps you need to take:

Jump into the main arena Go to the place where red and yellow areas meet Emote Look down and interact with a secret button Wait for a countdown to finish Pick up gold coins Stay up to date with new Fortnite XP maps

Epic Games usually patches Fortnite XP maps within 24 hours. Due to this, you should visit our page for new and updated XP map codes every day.

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All New Fortnite Coloring Pages  (% Free Printables)
Weltraum New Fortnite Coloring Pages (% Free Printables)

2. 1V1 FFA BuildFights You can use this 1v1 map to earn XP in Fortnite. Captured by VideoGamer

Map Schlüssel: 0528-5858-1317

One of the best Fortnite XP map codes is 0528-5858-1317. This is a 1v1 build fight you can play with your friends, but it demgemäß allows you to earn hundreds of thousands of XP. If you stay on this map long enough, you can earn at least six Battle Reisepass levels per day, which is more than enough to unlock all the rewards.

Fortnite Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)
Fortnite Coloring Pages (Free Portable Document Format Printables)

These are the steps you need to follow to earn XP from the map:

Go to the Double Pump area Emote Look down and interact with a secret button Wait for the countdown to finish Enter 6451 as the code Interact with the Confirm button to enter a new area Pick up all the gold coins

You can demgemäß perform a few more actions to earn an even bigger XP boost, such as eliminating wildlife with the Explosive Goo Gun.

Once you complete all the steps, you can simply sit back and enjoy all the Battle Reisepass levels you receive from the map. In 30 minutes spent on the map, we were able to gain approximately 350,000 XP, which is equal to more than four levels.

3. Ranked Red vs Blue Ranked Red vs Blue map in Fortnite. Image taken by VideoGamer

Map Schlüssel: 8036-8881-9965

If you’re looking for another great map that will boost your Battle Reisepass level, Ranked Red vs Blue is a great choice. This is one of the best Fortnite XP maps, but it’s demgemäß amazing for practicing your skills. Due to this, you can level up either by following our guide or by simply having fun with your friends.

To level up quickly and passively, these are the steps you need to take:

Go to the place where red and blue areas meet in front of a yellow glass Emote Interact with a secret button Enter 1213 on the keyboard

Once again, you will enter a secret tunnel that has gold coins you can pick up for a massive XP boost.

Leveling up will help you unlock all Battle Reisepass rewards. However, you can demgemäß get free skins in Fortnite and redeem Fortnite codes for various cosmetic items.

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Earn XP in Fortnite with UEFN maps

While classic Fortnite Creative maps get patched quite often, this is not the case with UEFN maps. While UEFN maps don’t give out as much XP as classic ones, they generally last for longer periods, with some of them being active for a couple of months.

UEFN maps are certainly among the best maps due to their long-lasting nature. However, it’s important to note that you will not see XP gains on your screen while you’re playing. Instead, you will receive it after you leave the game after at least 60 minutes.

Hundreds of UEFN maps are currently eligible for XP, and here are some island codes:

To earn XP from these Fortnite maps, you simply need to spend time on them. Most maps reward you for playtime, but you’ll demgemäß get bonus XP for getting eliminations and performing a few other in-game actions. Playing UEFN maps is not only perfect for XP farming, but you’ll demgemäß have a lot of fun, whether you do build fights or avoid obstacles in deathruns.

How to connect to Fortnite Creative maps

Connecting to Fortnite Creative maps is very simple. The easiest way to do it is by interacting with the magnifier/search button in the main menu. Once you do this, a new window will open, allowing you to enter a Creative map code. Additionally, you may enter the map’s name. Once you find a map you like, you can press the star button to add it to your favorites for quick access.

For more Fortnite game guides, take a look at how to get bot lobbies and best graphic settings for pc.

Best Fortnite XP maps – häufig gestellte Fragen Will I get banned for using XP maps in Fortnite?

No, this is not something Epic Games will ban you for. If you use UEFN maps to level up in Fortnite, you have nothing to worry about. While you will be using XP glitches in classic maps, this is still not a bannable offense.

Do I get XP every 15 minutes in Fortnite Creative?

You may receive an additional XP every 15 minutes in Fortnite Creative. However, this depends from one map to another. Some maps will give you an XP boost after 5 minutes, while some won’t grant it at all.

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What are the best XP maps in Fortnite?

Choosing the best XP maps in Fortnite is nearly impossible since they constantly change. However, if you’re looking for a consistent map that will reward you for getting eliminations, we suggest you try out The Pit. You can access this map with the code 4590-4493-7113.

How much Creative XP can I get per day?

The Creative XP cap depends on your overall activity in Fortnite. If you have an active that you rarely use, you can get around 1 million XP daily. For active accounts, the cap seems to be around 500,000 XP.

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Fortnite Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)  Coloring PagesFortnite Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)All New Fortnite Coloring Pages  (% Free Printables)Printable Coloring Pages  Coloring Pages To Print, Free KidsFortnite Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

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